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Net Buller     

     Sawatee! (pronounced Sah-wat-dee, Thai for Hello)  My name is Treenate (pronounced Truh - net), but just call me Net. I am from the beautiful country of Thailand, a land rich with massage traditions.  For over two millenia, my people have integrated the healing/medicinal practices of the neighboring countries to create a massage unique in the world.  It is this form of massage that influences my own, coupled with the tradition passed down to me through my father and his Chinese lineage.  In my family, massage was a way of life, a way to endure the aches and pains of hard labor.  It was through years of practice on my parents that I learned the correct touch and how to apply the right pressure.  

     After years of working in a five-star hotel in Bangkok, an oportunity arose to purchase a franchise specializing in beauty treatments.  I had the idea to include massage services as well and performed those services personally.  This business ran successfully up to the time where I met my husband and moved here to the U.S.  Working various jobs for several years, once again massage came back into my life and I found an opportunity to attend massage school.  Attending the Institute of Natural Therapies, I learned the Western forms of massage such as Swedish and Deep Tissue along with other modalities.  Since getting my Massage Certificate in 2012, I decided to once again venture out on my own and operate my own massage business where I am free to help my clients as best as I can.  My joy in performing massage is being able to help clients with their aches and pains as I did for my own parents years ago.  I look forward to working with you.  



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